motia attar



Chandan Ittar (Mercury)

Motia Ittar (Mars)

Gulab ittar(Venus)

Chameli ittar(Saturn)

Musk ittar(Attar)

Kewara ittar(Jupiter)

Khuskhus ittar(Rahu)

Rat Ke Rani Attar(Moon)

Shama Attar(Ketu)


Attar of Motia attar is used during the worship of Lord Shiva. It is considered to be connected with the aroma of deep forests of lower Himalaya region where Lord Shiva used to move with his followers. Its smell helps in reaching the inner self and is thus used during meditation to get deeper within fast and for lasting peace with one’s own self. People suffering from sleeplessness use it to get rid of their problem and are able to sleep fast. Men are automatically attracted towards women who use this ittar. 
Price :Rs.250.00 
VENUS    :    GULAB (Attars/Ittars)
MARS     :     MOTIA (Attars/Ittars)
MERCURY    :    CHANDAN (Attars/Ittars)
SUN    :    MOTIA (Attars/Ittars)
JUPITER    :    KEWARA (Attars/Ittars)
MOON    :    RAT KE RANI (Attars/Ittars)
SATURN    :    CHAMELI (Attars/Ittars)
RAHU    :    KHUSKHUS (Attars/Ittars)
KETU    :    SHAMA (Attars/Ittars)