chandan attar

Chandan Ittar

Chandan Ittar (Mercury)

Motia Ittar

Motia Ittar (Mars)

Gulab ittar

Gulab ittar(Venus)

Chameli ittar

Chameli ittar(Saturn)

Musk ittar

Musk ittar(Attar)

Kewara ittar

Kewara ittar(Jupiter)

Khuskhus ittar

Khuskhus ittar(Rahu)

Rat Ke Rani Attar

Rat Ke Rani Attar(Moon)

Shama Attar

Shama Attar(Ketu)


Chandan Ittar
This is made by taking out oil from sandal wood. Its aroma is considered auspicious in all religious ceremonies. It should be used while performing the rites in daily puja. Its fragrance brings peace and tranquility to mind and soul. Beneficial for people suffering from hypertension. 
Price :Rs.250.00 
VENUS    :    GULAB (Attars/Ittars)
MARS     :     MOTIA (Attars/Ittars)
MERCURY    :    CHANDAN (Attars/Ittars)
SUN    :    MOTIA (Attars/Ittars)
JUPITER    :    KEWARA (Attars/Ittars)
MOON    :    RAAT KI RANI (Attars/Ittars)
SATURN    :    CHAMELI (Attars/Ittars)
RAHU    :    KHUSKHUS (Attars/Ittars)
KETU    :    SHAMA (Attars/Ittars)