Natural Yellow Sapphire
Yellow Sapphire
(Natural Pukhraj)
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Peela Pukhraj
(Treated Pukhraj)
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    Peela Pukhraj Peela pukhraj: Peela pukhraj is a available at Gem Selections from Rs.450 per ratti to Rs.41000 per ratti. You can come to our showroom at A-3 DDA Market, Janakpuri, New Delhi, India see this vast range and select the Gemstone as per your budget. With every Peela Pukhraj you will get a Govt. Lab Certificate and Bill.

    As per Agni Puran, one who wears a Peela Pukhraj, worships Jupiter and Narayan gets a status equal to God on earth.

       About Peela Pukhraj

    Peela pukhraj are found in various colours which include yellow(Peela Pukhraj), blue (Neelam), White (Safed Pukhraj), orange and green (Hara Pukhraj). In India, Peela Pukhraj is known as Peela Pukhraj Yellow Sapphire and Neelam is known as Blue Sapphire.
    Peela pukhraj is very usefull ratna of all persons of all rashi and specially for the peoples having strong GURU. it is ratna of brahaspati.
    Peela pukhraj stone is very hard stone. It should be cleaned with warm water and soft brush.
    Peela Pukhraj is the gemstone ruled by Jupiter.

    Most people relate Sapphire to the color Blue. Sapphire is a form of Corundum (ko-RUN-dum), readily available in an array of other colors: Pink, Golden, Green, peachy Orange, Purple and Colorless.

    Jupiter is a natural benefic planet and represents good fate and fortune, divine guidance, divine grace, education, power of speech and knowledge.

    A Peela pukhraj can be worn by man or woman both. Though the Peela pukhraj is the jewel for Sagittarius and Pisces signs,
    Peela Pukhraj Best time for wearing Peela pukhraj: Shukla Paksha



    Peela Pukhraj is beneficial for the business, study ,to maintain sweetness in marital life & to attain good fortune & wealth.

    The Peela pukhraj (yellow sapphire) is known to be highly beneficial for people suffering from fever, insomnia, rheumatism, kidney problems, cough, arthritis, and ulcers.
    Pukhraj Astrology
    Pukhraj Stone
    These Questions in your mind...............

    Should a person restrict him to some activities like eating non-veg , drinking alcohol.?

    Peela Pukhraj
    My date of birth this and this should i wear the Peela pukhraj and why?
    I wanted to know that on which finger we must wear Peela pukhraj stone and on which hand right or left for female's?

    Peela Pukhraj Stone should be worn in the right hand index finger by both males and females. If a female is wearing a Peela Pukhraj Stone for early marriage then she should wear it in left hand index finger.
    I wanted to know about how long the Peela Pukhraj stone lasts for (How many years)? Like the effectiveness of it? How long does it stay?
    Generally speaking Peela Pukhraj Stone can be worn for life time. But if one feels that it is having lesser effect than before then one should wear an additional Peela Pukhraj Stone.
    can we wear Peela pukhraj stone whole life?
    Peela Pukhraj Stone is the most beneficial and auspicious Gemstone. It can be worn all through the life with great results.
    how to know that the Peela pukhraj stone which i have is original or not?
    When ever you buy a Peela Pukhraj Stone you should get a test certificate from IGI-GTL a Govt. Body. When you buy a Peela Pukhraj Stone from Gem Selections you always get a Govt. Lab Certificate along with it.
    When should one wear Peela Pukhraj Stone ring? Which finger??
    Peela Pukhraj Stone ring should be worn on a Thursday morning before 7.30 AM after washing it with Gangajal mixed with saffron. It should be worn on the index finger of right hand.
    should it be wore in gold?or in silver?
    Peela Pukhraj Stone should be worn in Gold or panchdhatu.
    May sound a bit absurd but it is not possible for a lay man to be able to identify a Pukhraj. The best recourse is to visit a Govt. Lab and get your Gemstone tested there.
    Natural Peela Pukhraj Govt Lab Certificate:: Treated Peela Pukhraj Govt Lab Certificate:: Heated Peela Pukhraj Govt Lab Certificate::
    Peela Pukhraj

    IGI (Indian Gemological Institute) – GTL (Gem Testing Laboratory) – Certified Laboratory has examined Peela Pukhraj stone carefully with specialized instrument and prepared this report to the best of its knowledge and professional standards.

    In this Peela Pukhraj page where you can find a left hand side of this page an image which is related to Peela Pukhraj Certification.

    IGI – Full form of this “Indian Gemological institute” Govt. Certified Lab where you can give your precious stone and semi-precious gemstone like Peela Pukhraj, Neela Pukhraj, Safed Pukhraj, Hara Pukhraj get a Peela Pukhraj originality certificate. When you get this Government Lab certificate then there is no doubt.

    When you get your certificate then you can see some points like Peela Pukhraj colore, Peela Pukhraj (Yellow) weight, (4.31 Carats) Peela Pukhraj Description, Peela Pukhraj Shape & Cut, (Oval/Mixed) Peela Pukhraj Dimensions, (10.84 x 8.63 x 5.38 mm.), Transparency (Translucent), Magnification (Inclusions Identical to Natural), Other Test (IR Spectra Analysis) and Comments is important (Indications of heating are observed with significant amount of residue filled in healed fissures.

    Corundum is generally heated to modify its colore and / or transparency.

    Why people want Gems Originality Certificate because they have already cheated by some Jewelers who gives sapphire’s substitute and tell them that this is natural sapphire and customer paid large amount on this sapphire but this is topaz which is low value gemstone. Why customer cheated because they do not have much knowledge about this that’s a main reason behind this point so We want to advise that if you are going to buy and want to expensive sapphire then please take a Govt. Lab Certificate to Jewelers.

    Natural Peela Pukhraj : If the Peela Pukhraj have no heated and treaded treatment found then call it Natural Peela Pukhraj.

    Eye Clean Peela Pukhraj : If you caught peela pukhraj between two fingers and see through light then there in obstacles in this gemstone then this Eye clean peela pukhraj. With the help of Eye you can see colore, Transparency of this peela pukhraj.

    Transparency : If you are looking transparent Peela Pukhraj then you have pay more money of this because it is too costly due to transparent.

    Difference between Ratti and Carat : All Astrologers advised you weight of gemstone in Ratti which is to be 180 mg. and carat is 200 mg. 20 mg is the difference between Ratti and Carat.

    Pushkaraj Stone

    Pushkaraj Stone is known as Peela Pukhraj (Yellow Sapphire). Pushkaraj stone word is the shudhh hindi word which is also related to Yellow sapphire. Peela pukhraj is also widely known as Pushparagam and Pukhraj. These word also known like yellow sapphire, peela pukhraj, pushkaraj stone and Pushparaga.

    If the tamil people want to know about Padparadscha means Pink Pukhraj (Pink Sapphire) then search on full information about Padparadscha then come on the page of Pink pukhraj.

    Pukhraj Colour Quality

    Peela Pukhraj found in different coloure like, Peela, (yellow), Neela (Blue), Gulabi (Pink), safed (White) and Hara (Green). Sapphire found in different country like Australia, Thailand, Colombia, Kampuchea, Kenya and Tanzania, and Montana. Peela Pukhraj

    Peela Neelam

    : According to Jyotish (Astrologer) Peela Neelam means Peela Pukhraj (Yellow Sapphire). When Jyotish suggest sapphire then they use to deliver language in shudhh hindi. According to Jyotish when we are suggest gemstone in shuddh Hindi may be some person confuse due to Peela neelam and they could not understand properly. Original Peela pukhraj, Peela pukhraj stone in delhi, Peela pukhraj is wear in gold, How to find original peela pukhraj, Is this peela pukhraj original, peela pukhraj delhi, Peela Pukhraj Stone ring, Peela Neelam, Pukhraj colour quality, Padparadscha means in hindi, Natural Pukhraj, treated pukhraj, eye cleare peela pukhraj, eye clean peela pukhra, transparent peela pukhraj.

    If you want to know More about Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)


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