Bangkok Neelam
ceylon neelam
Govt Lab certified ceylone neelam Natural Bangkok Sapphire
Bangkok Neelam (neela Pukhraj) : At Gem Selections we have a wide range of Bangkok Neelam Stone i.e., Bangkok Neelam. The price ranges from Rs. 1100/ Rt to Rs. 5100/ Rt.

Bangkok Sapphire or bangkok Neelam is a Gemstone that is ruled by the Planet Saturn is an expensive Gemstone.

The Bangkok sapphire color is light to dark, velvet Blue to Violet Blue.

This sapphire is come from Bangkok Origin and we all knows that bangkok neelam is for the planet of saturn. Natural Bangkok Sapphire

These bangkok neelam stones are priced much cheaper than the superior quality original sapphires imported from srilanka.
Bangkok Neelam
Q :: Which metal should I use in bangkok neelam

A :: Bangkok neelam and Bangkok Sapphire should be made in silver and gold.

Q :: Which day is suitable to wear Bangkok neelam or bangkok sapphire.

A :: Bangkok Neelam and Bangkok Sapphire should be worn on Saturday.

Q :: Wearing finger for Bangkok neelam and Bangkok Sapphire.

A :: Middle or second finger of right hand for Bangkok neelam.

Q :: Bangkok Neelam Species.

A :: Corundum (Bangkok Neelam)

Q :: Chemical properties of Bangkok Neelam.

A :: Titanium, Carbon and Aluminium Oxide.

Q :: Specific Gravity of Bangkok Neelam

A :: 4.00

Natural Bangkok Sapphire
You can have a look at this collection and decide what you want as per your requirement and budget.

What ever you buy at Gem Selections comes with a Govt. Lab Certificate, Bill and Guarantee of purity and originality from our company.

Bangkok Neelam (Neela pukhraj) is blue in colored Gemstone. It is a cold Gemstone and represents Saturn. It should be worn in silver or gold on the second finger of right hand. Blue Neelam removes evil effects of Saturn. It is said to have magical power. Blue Sapphire (Neelam stone) is believed to take a person to the heights that he or she has never imagined.

Cobalt filled bangkok neelam

This is one of the most commonly available Neelam (Blue Sapphire) These days due to its deep color & lack of inclusions it is sold as a Natural Neelam to the people also do not have knowledge of Gems. But this is only a good looking gem which does not have any astrological Value in any case.

The cheaper varieties of Bangkok Sapphire are Heat Treated to give a cosmetic improvement but in reality.

Blue Sapphire


Neelam Weight available 2.25 rati to 11.25 rati.


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