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    This Gem of Lord Ganesha is the favoured Gem of the people seeking intellectual powers as well as for those seeking wealth. This calms down the nervous systems and improves the capacity to take decisions. It improves the liquidity and money flow in business and blesses the wearer with liquid assets


  • Category :: Beryl variety

  • Molar mass :: 537.50

  • Color :: Green shades

  • Mohs scale hardness :: 7.5-8

  • Luster :: Vitreous

  • Streak :: White

  • specific gravity :: Average 2.76

  • Refractive index :: 1.564–  1.595,1.568–1.602

  • Birefringence :: 0.0040–0.0070

  • Chemical    formula :: Be3Al2(SiO3)6

  • Emerald


    About Emerald

      Emerald gem benefits in their career life

    If you wore a emerald and other gems combination surely you will get an opportunity key of success in competitive exams in any type of government jobs and private jobs also, trade and business. It will be surely cause of promotion and prosperity as it enhances intellect, memory, analytical and intellect power. Emerald helps those children who are having problems in their brain, memory and speech. Emerald helps to control and cure stammering, fear, gastritis, amnesia, epilepsy, fickle mindedness, asthma, diarrhea, dysentery, heart problems, etc.

    Again emerald in combination of other gems helps to cure breast cancer, mouth cancer, stomach cancer, breathing troubles, nerve diseases, gallgems, insanity, insomnia, eye trouble, pthysis pleurisy, hypertension, meningitis, brain tumor, paralysis and pancreatic trouble.

      Professional benefits of wearing like Emerald Gems

    People who are related to these fields like politicians, writers, spiritual, administrators , leaders, musicians of factories, founders of schools and colleges, public speakers, judges, mayors, ministers, government officers and government servant, architects, computer professionals, accounts field, in shipping jobs, bank administration, people who are in commission business, medical line, publishers, can take benefit from emerald gem. This gem will help those people who are in travel agency and commission business that require no capital. Doctors who are in fields of brain, eyes, ears and are associated with treatment of children can take benefit from it. Again it is good for people associated with ct scan, MRI and skin. People who are in, in IT sector, research field, astronomy, nuclear field can take benefit from this emerald gem. So these are some of the fields in which people can prosper by wearing this gem gem.

      How to Wearing Emerald Gems

    Emerald should be studded in a gold and silver ring. If person want to wear Emerald in pendant then wear it. It should be worn on Wednesday between 7.30am to 6.30pm in little finger of right hand. It depends on person’s weight and age but normally can be worn in between 5.25 ratti to 8.25 ratti.

      Spiritual benefits on Emeralds

    Person with weak and malefic mercury will face health diseases like stammering, imperfection of speech or tongue, defects in memory or intelligence. If afflicted by enemy planets then one can face disputes, litigations, loss through theft, hasty decisions, loss due to fraud, cheating and forgery. At times when Saturn is also negative then one can face depressions, delays, disharmony and disputes. Also there could be break in education and poor memory.

    You can wear a gems in this form like pendant and ring. If you do't know your ring size then you have option of adjustable ring mention below. In this position there is no need of ring size.

    (A) Quality:  
    (B) Quality:  
    (C) Quality:  
    (D) Quality:  

    emerald pendant          Emerald Ring

      Source of Emerald

    Emerald mines in the world : Brazil, Columbia, Zambia, India, Russia, Afghanistan, Tanzania and Madagascar.

      Emerald Names

    Most of persons confuse with the name of Emerald which is known as diffrent name like Zamurrad, Smarlda, Samargdos, Esmaurde, Tarkshya and last name is Indian Name which is called Panna.

      Birth Stone

    If the person birth sun sign Gemini and Virgo then person wear Emerald without any astrological gems remedy.

      Gems Cutting


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